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We know you all talk to each other.

And we do count on that. We are a new and growing soil technology company. Word of mouth is everything to us.

Our organic GEO:Fix123 Protocol is so effective at restoring soil health, and less expensive than synthetic chemical fertilizers, we literally are finding growers know us before we get there...

Because you talk.

Our products are proprietary, effective... and at less cost than what you are used to paying. Because they are applied directly into your pivot or drip system you will save money on water, fuel and labor too!

  • Your soil will improve,

  • Your crops will be as good if not better,

  • You will spend less. Sometimes far less.

We give you reason to talk, and you do...



30 Days to improved soil

Proven with field trials and independent lab testing, the results of our protocol are impressive.

THE GEO:Fix123 PROTOCOL is simple...
Apply our biologic and nutrient inputs once a year:

  • G1+G2: Beginning of the growing season

  • G3: Mid season

And if you want, after the final cutting or harvest you can prep next year's crop through the winter with:

  • G1+G2: Winter application

No more synthetic chemical fertilizers.     ORDER>

We are happy to share our actual trial soil and crop test results with you. Just ask!     US: 801-349-6966

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