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It’s true...
We’re more interested in your dirt than your plants. 

But your plants will love what we do to your soil. Our all natural protocol includes: 
  • GEO:BioLogic™  (G1)

  • GEO:Solve™  (G2)

  • GEO:Foliar™  (G3)

These are potent blends packed with nutrients and bacteria that find their own way deeper in the soil, creating a greater root zone, increased nutrient uptake and plant growth, naturally extracting nitrogen from the air, along with improving resistance to heat and drought.
With no synthetic chemicals... Your soil is much more sustainable, retains healthy nutrients and bacteria while saving  water, labor and inputs. 
( Say GEE, OH! for better soil & plant health )

You all talk.

We are counting on that.

Hopefully talking about us and our proven, proprietary
GEO:Fix123 soil solution protocol, which 
unlocks the nutritional investments in your soil...  


Crops as good if not better, organically, at lower cost, with no synthetic chemical fertilizer.

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Spring G1+G2 | Mid growth G3 | Fall G1+G2 

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G2   GEO:Solve

GEO:Solve is...

A blend of beneficial soil nutrients that promote plant health and help establish active soil. Healthy plants can thrive on less water, require less inputs, produce higher yields; all while experiencing increased natural immunity and newly established healthy, extensive root systems in revitalized soil.


Spray/Drip/Sprinkler application + G1

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G1   GEO:BioLogic

GEO:BioLogic is...

A proprietary blend of beneficial micro–organisms that promote active soil and plant health. Healthy plants can thrive on less water and produce higher yields, while experiencing increased natural immunity and establishing healthy, extensive root systems. 


Spray/Drip/Sprinkler application + G2

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G3  GEO:Foliar

GEO:Foliar is...

A spray concentrate containing naturally occurring magnesium chloride and trace minerals. Trials have shown increases in nutrient availability and photosynthesis, stress tolerance, nutrient uptake, natural immunity, plant growth and development, using essential trace minerals.  


Spray Application

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